Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2727

Advanced Reformer Flow
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2727

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Michele M
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Wonderful practice! The pace was perfect and your cuing was concise. Thanks Benjamin.
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Wonderful! Precise and so focused. Loved the Rowing Series! Bravo!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you both! It's been wonderful bringing in an actual student of mine, and showing how to build up towards accomplishing this level of flow, focus, and intensity. So glad you enjoyed it!
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I really appreciated the pace. Beautiful form. Inspiring. Thank you.
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So fantastic Benjamin! This series has been amazing start to finish! I can't wait to repeat them all and see why else I learn along the way! Thank you!
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Searching for my style. This happens to fit nicely. Commanding, well-timed, confident. Beautiful.
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I love how you give detailed explanations, challenge me, correct my movements, all while keeping it moving and flowing. You need to have more series as you are amazing. :)
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This class was amazing!
This was excellent Benjamin! I love the pace, cueing and the challenge! Thank you!!!!
The description and comments mention this is the fifth of a series, though I’m not finding the first four... any guidance?
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