Sequencing to Leg Pull<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2729

Sequencing to Leg Pull
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2729

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Very fast and diffucult to follow from beginning. Gave up!
I really felt the work here Benjamin and I'll say that the Leg Pull Front felt triumphant for the first time. I felt like doing a star jump at the end!

Off to do my usual yoga practice now which I am sure will feel entirely different now.

Also sweaty and happy THANK YOU!

More Bejamin please PA xxx
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Nice really enjoyed this thanks Benjamin 😊🙏🏻
Lovely as always Benjamin! Thank you my Leg Pull Front felt so strong at the end!! Sad I missed you in Canmore in April:( Looking forward to more... please:)
Benjamin Degenhardt
Yay thanks everyone — Claire, I'm so sorry this class didn't work out for you. Megan, this is just the first of a new series of Mat workouts, stay tuned! Sarah, bummed to have missed you, too, but I'll be back :)
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Reading Claire's comment inspired me to write. Since the class is classified "deliberate" the right-out-of-the-gate beginning might be surprising. Rather than miss this powerfully instructive class why not watch the opening sequence first and then try again? What follows in the class is much easier to understand in terms of right and left! Now for my own dilemna. Inspite of years of pilate practice (or perhaps thanks to it) I can now lift myself about 6 inches from prone position towards plank but still don't have the strength to complete the movement. What intermediate step do you recommend Benjamin since I can't yet do it in one fell swoop and I don't want to develop any bad habits trying. Knees bent until my arms are straightened and then lifting what is often called the "girl's pushup".
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you Joni for your thoughtful comment! As for building blocks towards 'planking up', especially since this class works around the idea of unilateral control... instead of using both knees for assistance, try using only one knee while extending the other leg back into plank to press up from. It'll add variety and added challenge. Let me know how that works for you. PS: I think they call it "girl's pushup" because it's often the smarter variation to choose.
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Really fantastic workout! - clear precise cues-- great pace and flow easily - feel great afterwards. Loved this video..thanks Benjamin.
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I LOVE YOUR CLASSES. It's great to see my growth. I was able to roll up with no straps. Loved the pace, instruction, focus. I called it my slow sweat and panting 5/5 mat routine. THANK YOU. I'm excited it was short and powerful for days like this! P.S. I shared on social media but the counter doesn't show it.
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Loved it. My back body feels so alive and strong! Yes, the opening sequence is challenging and was an "eye opener" for my clients (and me). But, hey, balance, coordination, spine length and strength. That's what it's all about, so why not get right to it! My clients got their minds focused right way. Benjamin, I appreciate your knowledge and insights. Im very interested in signing up for 360 training next year. Thanks!
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