Body Awareness Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2744

Body Awareness Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2744

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Always happy to see a new Amy video! Excellent, as always!
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What brand are the weighted balls?
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Thank you Lori! Emily....these are weighted balls by STOTT.. :)
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kitchen reno, living in dust. This is what I needed! Stress and anxiety significantly diminished! Thanks Amy!
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I only had time to do half of this class.( I promise to do the rest later). Just wanted to let you know, I really liked the queue when we were bridging and lifting 1 foot and pressing the opposite hand into the ball. really helped to stay equal on each side.
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Thank you Amy great Workout!
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You're right, those hip circles were not as bad as I had contemplated them to be. But the teaser.... Ugh!! My legs feel like they weigh 800 pounds. I try so hard to think " sink your femurs "
Thanks gals!
Connie Murtaugh....thanks for the feedback and glad the Hip Circles didn't feel too horrible when they came up in class!
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Awesome, intentional workout as always. Thanks Amy!
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