Creating Awareness<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2756

Creating Awareness
Karen Sanzo
Class 2756

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Valya Karcher
Karen, I watched/listened to your video while I was getting ready at 5AM and incorporated your long box variations into my 6:30AM class. Everyone just purrrrred gratitude to you...what a great way to start the day! Thanks so much!
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Very nice .. Great flow
Karen Sanzo
Safiah, A shorter client could have their carriage setting close in.
If you are working with a classical box--the box will be overall smaller--this sequence could be harder. For a very tall client (this client is about 5'9") the sequence could be difficult.
Cristina K
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amazing class!
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Loved the new ideas and creativity, thank you!
Would be nice to have queuing that allows you to follow along and practice without looking at the video (for example: "left leg" or "stranding leg" vs "this leg".
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total awesome, thank you
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Awesome! Really loved the back extension with those balls. Your queuing is incredible. I was thinking of the mat training we did many years ago in Omaha and how you taught me "the journey through my spine" in quadruped. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you so much Karen !
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Great class Karen, I am always "surprised" by your combinations. :)
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I really enjoyed, not only watching this video but also practicing it!!!
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Loved loved loved, I love Karen classes, she fantastic ??????
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