Recovery for Triathletes<br>John Garey<br>Class 2768

Recovery for Triathletes
John Garey
Class 2768

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Julia ~ We are sorry that the video stopped for you. I recommend trying a lower video quality to see if it will play all the way through for you. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
Very useful type of class for a group class like the format great teaching and execution
John, I loved your class, your cueing and style. Great material to influence a mixed equipment plan for my class tomorrow. Thank you!!
Thank you fro a great workout. Hope to see more of you in Pilates Anytime! Really like the way you teach!
Thanks so much John! I appreciate other methods but always come home to the Stott style I love! Your teaching is so enthusiastic and inspiring and reminds me why I do what i do & teach how I teach. Love the mixed equipment challenge :)
Great workout! I loved the push through bar exercises as well as that final stretch on the chair!
Great series! Really like the athletic approach that requires full body strength in various planes. Love all your classes...keep them coming 😃💪
So gorgeous! Thank you! 
Loved this workout - so many new ideas for my male clients - Thank You So Much
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