Spine Anatomy & Core Basics<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Workshop 2801

Spine Anatomy & Core Basics
Karen Clippinger
Workshop 2801

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Teresa ~ Thank you for your forum post. When you purchase a workshop, you will always have access, even if you cancel your account. You can take as long as you need to watch it and you can watch it as many times as you like. I hope you enjoy our workshops!
Thank you Karen, this was an awesome workshop. I learned a lot. Is there any way we can get a copy of the wonderful illustrated diagrams that you used? Thanks, Yvonne
Karen Clippinger
Hello Yvonne: I am so glad you found this workshop valuable. The graphics are part of my textbook, "Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology" which can be purchased various places including the publisher Human Kinetics or Amazon.com. These graphics are in both the first and second edition, and you can get some good deals from sellers listed on Amazon for used copies of the second edition or new copies of the first edition for about $45.
Thanks so much Karen
Melissa P
Would you consider having teachers provide worksheets for these videos? Great information. Would be great to have something to follow along with other than an outline.
Melissa ~ I hope you enjoyed this workshop! There is a handout for this workshop that you can download. You can find the link to it underneath the description for the workshop.
previews are only 2 seconds long again :~( would really like to watch them, please let me know if it is fixable. Thanks, Joanne Smith
What awonderful workshop thank you Karen, just one question, in the roll up do we want the groins long or can the pubic bone tilt up rounding the sacrum? I was told the legs should stay still and we roll towards the legs and away from them, is that incorrect?
hi, I just bought this program a few weeks ago and had no time to watch. Now i am trying to watch it and cannot open the file.
I have only just started watching this series, currently on chapter 3. I just wanted to say how clear and precise the teaching is. Easy to follow and as I am a visual learner the practical prompting elements are especially helpful
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