Freedom of the Shoulders<br>Cara R. & Jeremy L.<br>Workshop 2807

Freedom of the Shoulders
Cara R. & Jeremy L.
Workshop 2807

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Awesome - really enjoyed taking this. I'm also a Sports Therapists - so this was nice to put the theory into Pilates and the visualisations are world class - thank you so much. I'll get on this to pass the wisdom over in Glasgow. x
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What a perfect Friday surprise to wake up and see this workshop. Knew it was in the works and have been anxiously waiting!

Love, Love, Love...Everything! Such wonderful information and appreciate how it was presented. I am super excited to start putting this into my practice, as well as my students.

And Laura, those wings on your back...what a perfect place for those tattoos! It was like your wings were moving and it was beautiful to watch!

Thank you to all 3 of you for an inspiring and informative workshop. Will do the mat class tomorrow! Much love and appreciation!
Thank you Sarah and Bonnie! So happy you both found this course useful. And I love that we are spreading the shoulder freedom in Glasgow!! Bonnie sending hugs to you.
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Hi Cara, I loved this informative video. I do have a question though. I have a few male clients who are very upper trap dominant.In order to get them to drop their shoulders, I ask them to slide their shoulder blades down their back. Are you saying this is incorrect, or are you saying that if they are forcefully jamming their shoulder blades then, this is what is incorrect. I'd just like to clarify this point as Laura moved so beautifully, I wasn't sure how to address the upper trap dominance issue. Hope I've explained my question clearly! Thanks Sam
Samantha, Try cuing your male client who seems elevated in their upper traps to wrap their scapula toward the front ribcage as they externally rotate their arms, rather then depress them. I think this will help. This is most important when you are having them bring their arms up or forward. Let me know how it goes! So glad you enjoyed and thank you for watching.
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Thanks Cara, I will take your advice!! Much appreciated x
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Hi Cara and Team, - I loved this workshop a lot, especially how you build it up and give us tools to use, - imagery, anatomy and touch. Very helpful! Laura is doing a wonderful job to demonstrate, - both, the right and the wrong version. Her shoulder blades sit nice and snuggly on the ribs. What do you do with people who have winging scapulas, - maybe because the Upper Spine is more flat, or other anatomical reasons.. Do they have to find that wide and flat sitting of the scapula in any case? I guess it is hard to answer without looking at a body like that, but you know what I mean. - How far are we going with the expectation of the "perfect form"? Thank you for all the love you spread on the side..!
Silke, Thanks for watching and for your good questions. When the shoulder blades are upwardly rotated we are encouraging our clients to keep that rotation best they can. Yes, on a flat spine and in many other cases, there will be some winging, this is not a problem as long as the mover is working the actions of upward rotation that is all that matters. We are much better off when we stop obsessing on winging and make sure we are cuing the right action. I am not a fan of "perfect form" rather a good try in the right direction is all I expect. Jeremy and I agree on these ideas, remember it takes time to learn how to be "perfect" more than a life time or two.
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Cara, Jeremy and Laura, Thank you for such a great workshop! This is information that I can use with my clients in rehab clinics and studios. I also picked up some great information for myself (Love that)! I appreciate the simple delivery with such a dynamic impact on my thought process of the shoulder girdle and how to give better cues for proper movement. The use of the green triangles and Laura's lovely wings added such a great deal of visual information. Very grateful to the three of you and PA for your time and beautiful work on this workshop!!
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Kruncher, Than you for watching and I am so glad you enjoyed.
We have a entire series of workshops we run live as well, maybe we can see you in person some day?
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