Supine Mat Modifications
Sherri Betz
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Oh, I see Sherri, it is very helpful explanation! now I understand what you meant and will try with my clients!
have a great rest of the day!
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Very useful. Looking forward to the rest. Thanks so much Sherri!
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great !!!!
Thank you. Very clear and informative!
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Fantastic class so informative whe we get a little nervous about the do and don't.
I would love you to address more of the pathologies one teacher is confronted with on a daily basis to give us more confidence in teaching these clients .
Many thanks to PA and to you Sherri
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Thank you Shirri this is a very helpful video and given me greater confidence
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I love this class as it proves that Pilates repertoire can be effecively modified for people with Osteoporosis. I've a question for you -- I've got a client with osteopenia in her wrists and hips (the spine has no signs of any issues). She was advised to avoid also spine flexion and rotations as the Osteopenia can progress into the spine. FYI this client is slowly moving into menopouse. Could you please share your thoughts with me on this topic? Thank you in advance Sherri.
Great and useful tips for the supine exercises!! Thank you!!
Very complete. Gracias
Hi Sherri. Great tutorial. Thank you. Where you are setting Kristi up for the 100, it looks to me like her lower belly bulges slightly when she reaches her second leg out (about the 7:15 mark). If I saw that with a client, I would be hesitant to ask them to lower their legs further, in fact, might encourage them to lift them slightly or engage obliques more to move into a slight imprint. Am I being overly cautious / picky?
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