Body Activation Series<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2825

Body Activation Series
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2825

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Thank you all for your feedback!
Marta, bending the elbow is a perfect choice if the stretch has too much neural tension. Be well and all the best
WOW! so easy and helpful!
I found this to be exactly what my body needed tonight! Thank you for such a lovely series. I adored the lat press/hip press forward movement. I found out that my left side is needing quite a bit more attention. A great awareness building series!
Fantastic! my body felt completely warmed up with awareness! Great tutorial! Thank you Tom!
That was great! Loved it. Who thought "resting" on the wall could be so hard. I was building some serious heat. Love learning - more more more!
YUM! Thank you...we all need more attention to the back body. Love this!
Fantastic tutorial, and such great cues! Thanks so much Tom
Love this. It feels so good. Thanks.
I know he's a busy guy, but we need more Tom! :)
oh wow that's amazing, thank you
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