Spring in Your Foot<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2826

Spring in Your Foot
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2826

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Very helpful. I will definitely start using it with some of my clients!
Thank you. Definitely felt it. Question? Would it be beneficial to do these as a warm up before a heavy squat session?
Hi Teresa,
Yes, it would be good to do prior to a squat session. Do a set without and then with in your warmup to feel the difference. All the best!!
Thank you Tom McCook
Love this - thank you!
Fabulous. The benefits are noticed instantly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and explaining things so clearly
Eleanor VonTrapp
This is amazing, simple, effective work that yields results immediately. Thank you SO much for sharing
This is great! I have covered this in class as a dance student, but didn’t have such a thorough explanation. I cannot wait to take this to my students with more of the ‘why’ and ways to get them processing that experiential learning.
 Dear Camelle, Happy to hear the explanation was  empowering for you. Enjoy and share the why with your students!!
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