Connecting to your Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 2829

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Thanks Lesley - I enjoyed the flow and variations on the springs!
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I am so excited about this class, because it will help guide me while I use my equipment at home. Thank you, Lesley!
Lucie, thank you for taking class! I am happy to hear you enjoyed playing with the spring variations. xx~LL
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Lisa, love that you are going to try this at home! Have fun with it and can't wait to hear how it goes. xx~LL
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Lesley terrific class thanks a bunch. Especially enjoyed the pace - controlled yet SO effective .
Paula, thank you a bunch! xx~LL
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I loved the workout! All of the cues and spring adjustments truly helped connect me deeper to my reformer. Also I the one leg standing tendon stretch prep you did was brilliant! That really helped me find the glutes in the exercise. I will definitely keep practicing this to help with that tough exercise. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I hope to see more videos from you
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Well done! Thank you Lesley-that was great, loved the cuing and looking forward to seeing more classes from you
Joel and Patti, thank you for your compliments and feedback! I can't wait to bring you more. Yay for the one leg Tendon stretch! It's my favorite tool...ok well maybe one of my favorite tools to use. xx~LL
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Great class Lesley! Loved your cues. So connecting!
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