Mat for Spinal Alignment<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2846

Mat for Spinal Alignment
Monica Wilson
Class 2846

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Great workout, ??
excelente, y muy precisas las indicaciones.
Monica Wilson
Thank you Bobbie! I'm thinking you added some fun emoji characters after your comment but it just reads as question marks. Please let me know if you did have a question:)
Monica Wilson
Muchísimas gracias María Luisa!
Alexandra L
Fabuloso! I love you Monica Wilson. Precise, clear cues always pushing me a millimeter onward.
Monica Wilson
Love you too Alexandra!
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I love your Mat class! Please do some more Video's!
Hi Ira, Monica has been a monthly instructor for Pilates Anytime for seven years (Thank you Monica) so I have great news for you! Here is a link to all 119 Mat videos she has done with us so far. Monica's Latest Mat classes.
Monica Wilson
Thank you Ira! And Thank you Kristi for posting the link! I hope you enjoy many more classes:)
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I know that I will be thinking of you, Monica, the day after tomorrow... Great workout and well suited for a level 2/3.
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