What Makes a Good Teacher<br>John Garey<br>Tutorial 2876

What Makes a Good Teacher
John Garey
Tutorial 2876

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All of these points resonate with me as an instructor John.

I cone from a corporate legal background and it drives me nuts when other instructors look for last minute convenience subs (for example). You agreed to a shift, that's your shift. I've turned up dosed up to the eyeballs on cold remedy and coffee so I can give my classes the positive energy you mention. It really bugs me when other instructors don't have that commitment.

On a positive note the studios that I work for now have great cultures of talking up other instructors. It is a lovely supportive environment and creates a glow for everyone - studio, instructor and client c
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Great information. I'm delighted to see I fit in that frame of thought and practice!
Thank you very much.
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Yes....8x over! Thank you - great reminders. Now I've gotta go find that e-book. xoxoxo
Hi Jennifer! Sorry I forgot to include the ebook info for Moving From Good To Great - A Fitness and Pilates Instructor's Guide To Being The Best. I've just included a link to it in the description. Thank you!
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Thank you everyone for your comments! And, thank you Kristi, for putting the link to the eBook. I just love Pilates Anytime and am always humbled and honored to share with you all. Can't wait til next time! :)
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Love it!! I realized that I think I am condsidered SEASONED...(teaching Pilates for 16 years) BUT not too SEASONED for the reminders. I try my best to do all the things you stated. I believe it has helped me retain clients for more than 15 years! Thanks John :0)
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Love it, it is so important and YES! I'm good instructor for every pont Thank You
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Oh boy great tutorial and yes soooooo true!! I too have been teaching Pilates for more than 16 years BUT agree with Laura reminders on some of these points are needed!!! I recognize all the points you go through. Actually I really know myself (EEKS) on ones I'm weak at Uuuhm like ..... timing? Timing is my worst enemy, but STILL working on it! For the rest I'm good been working with the same clients for many years They love me :)))
Colette C
Love this!!!!! What a great lesson to view as I plan my resolutions for 2017! Thank you thank you!
So helpful before New Year return to class I freelance for several studios/gyms..we all need reminders of these teaching principles
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