Wake Up your Body<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2882

Wake Up your Body
Meredith Rogers
Class 2882

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Lovely class to start the New Year!
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Great way to begin the new year! Thank you, Meredith
Happy New Year, Beautiful! Thank you for this workout! As always you are my inspiration xxx
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gorgeous, thank you
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Loved it, exactly what I needed after all the festivities
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Happy 2017 thank you for that beautiful stretch & elongating the body is very grateful need now to get back into the swing of my workouts 😅 Lynne
Taghrid K
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Happy New Year Meredith, great start to kick off all the sluggishness, all the eating and partying and feel your body move and alive. Loved the intention of Grace Ease and Acceptance and yes my favourite is the ending also. THANK YOU
Wow!! it was 16:16 minutes of magical class. a great way to start the year. thank you Meredith and Wellcome Back! ;)
Thank you Meri!!!! We YOU
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Happy New Year Meredith! I really enjoy all of your classes. Thanks!
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