Grounding and Centering Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2889

Grounding and Centering Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2889

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Great class. Thank you ??
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Where did those 55 minutes? I was so immersed in class that the time just flew! Thank you for putting so much thought into your exploration of y(our) bodies. One armed variations of side lift were terrific.Those roll down combinations with side leg movements have me almost ready for a 7+ hour drive to San Francisco today.
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really enjoyed the exploration and creativity. thank you for a great class
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that was great! But that rolling like a ball to squat.... omg!! I can do it but I have to have my ankles crossed. Wonder what's up with that. Loved your shin forward cue on the bridging. Thank you Amy ! Oh and I'm keeping my mittens on ..... The high, high!! in Omaha today is going to be 12° !
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That was something new and refreshing to my body. Thank you!
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Just what I needed today! The rolling like a ball to squat was fun...I was laughing at myself, took a few to nail it... ;) Great workout; thank you!
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I enjoyed the creative variations. Ideas I never tried before and got me thinking. Amy is a focused charismatic teacher. Thank you!
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Great class , loved all the variations. Amy you are a wonderful, creative teacher . Thank you .
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It was very nice! Thank you, Amy!
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I want to thank you all for leaving these comments for me! Thank you for seeing and moving 'outside the box' a bit here and understanding how this type of creativity can feed us and help balance us possibly. I love 'the list' as many of you know, but I also love to play, explore, dance and move on the Mat. Thanks for playing with me too!
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