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Carrie Pages
Class 2895

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Excellent class. Enjoyed the cues and pace of the class. Thanks
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Great workout Carrie! Your cues are awesome. I loved the cue to "keep your nose on the wall in front of you". Also, wonderful cueing of the teaser. Thanks so much!! Welcome to Pilates Anytime, I look forward to more of your classes!
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I loved the class with full of energy Thank you Carrie
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Just what I was looking for. Thank you thank you
Adding this to my faves list so I can revisit when I need a good healthy butt kicking.
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Great class. Loved your queuing and flow..
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Thank you very much Carrie! Class was fantastic!!!! Recognizable movement of the dancer!!!))
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Thanks Carrie! I love that you maintained flow without rushing the movements.
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some nice gems in here...classic mat session with some nice variations - loved the tap to the mat for SSLS, loved side leg sequence, mermaid sequence too. Loved the controlled transitions too...nice & slow. At first, seemed a bit robotic, but then instruction became more spontaneous. Thank you!
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Wow, fun class! Series of five with criss cross, love it!
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