Efficient Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 29

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Thank you Amy for another great class! The side lying series was super challenging for my obliques and now I feel great and longer! It's easier to stand tall now!
Thank you Rena!!! :)
Thank you for the reminders to take a moment to consider what feels right for the body today.
Thank you Cathy! This was one of the early classes on the site and I remember I wanted to be very clear with the 'reminders' and details! :)
Still my all time favorite feel good class! It does wonders for my old arthritic back and hips! LOL! Thanks again Amy! Your spot-on cues really help me get the most out of the work.
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Oh Rena....thank you so much! I love the fundamentals and the 'roots' of the work too! So glad this class feels good for you and your wonderful and wise back and hips!! :) I appreciate your feedback and support!
This class was yummy for tight stiff body this morning. Thank you Amy. I always enjoy your classes.
Thanks Jodie....this is fun to look back on....one of my very, very early classes 'back in the early days of PA'!!
Hi Amy,
I hope this note finds you well. I woke up this morning thinking about this class. I haven’t visited it in a while, and knew I needed this particular fundamental mat today. I saw that the last time I wrote to you about this amazing session was 6 short years ago. And now, to take this class again, with a deeper understanding of the work, it felt just as challenging, but I got to dig a little deeper and gain even more insight. It’s so interesting and inspiring to me how Pilates evolves in our bodies and minds. I want to thank you for your ever-amazing and thoughtful cues and reminders. You truly have a gift, dear one. Keep doing what you do! Hugs to you, Amy! With sincere appreciation and respect, Rena
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Awesome! I’m super new to Pilates and this was amazing! It’s exactly what I wanted and needed. Enough challenge but patience as well for a beginner. I’ll definitely be feeling it a bit tomorrow but in the best way. Thanks!! xo
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