Using the Eyes<br>Zoey Trap<br>Tutorial 2900

Using the Eyes
Zoey Trap
Tutorial 2900

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You've provided so much needed insight into head positioning Zoey. Your instuction is so clear and've not only informed me, you've inspired me to apply each and every idea! Thank you. Kudos to the cameraman/ caught all the nuances of the moves.
Love this! On point as always!
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Review day! Solidifying the new ideas you've presented. Thank you again.
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Great tutorial Zoey! Love the image of the cobra hood, and dropping brains into your hands. Very clear and concise lesson!
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This is great Zoey, I am certified under PilateSystem and Colleen, Karen and Cherry talked about focus.... I have clients that want to close their eyes because they say they want to focus on their proprioceptive functions. But w/o knowing what is correct alignment using focus and gaze then the other can become dysfunctional because vision plays a key role in the ability to sense ones own body in space!
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Great observation Brenda. In the yoga practice each asana has a drishti- both an internal and external one. As I started experimenting with telling students where to just look, where the eyes should focus I saw huge changes in their carriage, especially in the way they aligned the head on the spine. It is interesting when you start looking how difficult this can be for some clients!
so important :) thank You
Thank YOU!
Thank you! love this great information...
Great insights and answers to why eyes are open
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