Legwork for Dancers<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 2915

Legwork for Dancers
Troy McCarty
Class 2915

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Thanks! I liked the jump board sequence at the end.
Looks great! I love Troy's teaching, the way he expresses his knowledge to his student. I took his one spring session at Pilates on Tour. A fan!
I love this video! I have never seen a Troy McCarty video before but now I just want to take a full workshop. I am totally sold!
LOVE this class. One of my favorites. Thank you!
its in my favorites!!! thank you.
Katrina R
Seems easier than it is because it's do fun. I have "ballet legs" but I had a little quiver when I finished,
What a great class! Loved his knowledge, imagery and the sequence of this class. Fun and energetic. Can't wait to share with my clients. Thank you!
Such a strong class. I can't wait to get my ballet daughter on the reformer!
OMG! Troy! That was so much fun! Loved ALL of it! The jump board short spine was a blast! Thank you!
Its been a couple years but I did this class again this morning! It was so fun! Hope you come back soon! Thank you!
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