Standing Balance Challenge<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 2929

Standing Balance Challenge
Tracey Mallett
Class 2929

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I always love the way you combine arm work with standing balance and barre legs. My arms are burning! (I could only find my 3 lb-ers!) Two thumbs up!!
Welcome Sherry Dixon! Tracey I enjoyed this class very much too. I really appreciate your ability to rev me up sometimes with music, sometimes with short bouts of intensity, but always with good teaching. Thank you so much.
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I love Tracey!
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Love Tracey! More please!!
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I appreciate the unique variations Tracey brings to Pilates, and so soothing Great class to start early weekend morning!
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Yay!!! Tracey is back!!! More please 😀
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Me encanto! Mis brazos se sienten fuertes!
How many times a week do you recommend to do this exercise? (sorry for my english)
Michele M
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Loved it! Nice practice to start the day in a short 15 min:) Thank you Tracy!!
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Short and sweet! Packs a major punch, loved it!
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