Prenatal Mat Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 2949

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Love seeing you bring all these oh so real concepts to the Pilates Anytime community! You are luminous and informative. You are correct that opening the legs while on all fours will provide internal rotation and open the outlet of the pelvis. Just want to remind viewers that drawing the feet together or crossing them as you showed is excellent if the baby is still high and mama needs to open the inlet of the pelvis. I'm a prenatal exercise teacher who has taught these movements since before you were born. :) Now as a midwife, doula and educator I would ask women why they would practice pilates diligently during their pregnancies only to abdicate the freedom to use whatever position they wanted during labor / birth. Choose a caregiver and location that is congruent with what you've learned from your pilates practice!!
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Thank you. It is very informative. We rarely have access to this practical knowledge. Moreover, it's empowering for women to know their options during labour.
Great explanations!
Thanks for sharing these. I'm 35 weeks along and looking to try some of these in my vbac labour. I loved the positions you mentioned for opening up the pelvis and making sure the tailbone is lifted, will definitely help. Looking forward to taking my fit ball and mat along to the hospital.
I love your enthusiasm for birthing. I love how you are connecting the pilates practice to the birthing process. As you explain, it all begins to connect and seem so obvious. I'm expecting my first and still have a long way to go, but this class has given me more confidence that there is much that I can do now and during labour to make sure I'm prepared and as comfortable as possible. Thank you.
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Love love loved this! Thank you, Lisa!
Ladies, thank you, thank you for this fantastic feedback. Dharma I hope that you are getting wonderfully prepared for your labor. Please let me know if you have any questions. Lydia - I hope everything went smoothly for your labor and that you are having a smooth recovery, please let me know if you have any questions at all.
Thank you ! Very usefull ! I need to resolve a question, what type of posture and physical condition should I take in mind at the first assessment for a pregnancy woman??
Thank you very much! These are a very effective raccomandation 4 having the best labour ever! I'm 30 weeks and I will apply them =)))
When would you suggest to start clients in this transition from prenatal to birthing technique classes? 3/4 weeks before the due date?
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