Reformer Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2996

Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 2996

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Jeanne M
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This was a great way to start the morning. Your cues are always very helpful and allow me to focus on my movement and not try to look at the screen. You are incredibly graceful and an inspiration to keep at it.
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Thank you Meredith. I have missed your classes:))
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Thank you, Meredith. I love this class. I am using a Pilates IQ reformer. Is there a way to modify the beginning exercises? My reformer is much closer to the ground.
Denise what about starting on your knees?
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Meredith Rogers Thank you!
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Amazing as always Meredith Rogers do you ever teach in Las Vegas?????? :)
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Thank you! I have been on hiatus from Pilates for about 8 months. A lesson in humility to accept that I've lost ground. This series is helping me find my way back. The gift you give is sincerely appreciated.
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Absolutely loved this. I like the theme. I have a hard time slowing my students down and getting the concentration. This will definitely help me do this. Thank you. I can't wait to watch the others in this series.
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Loved it! I want those leggings! Where did you get them?
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Great class
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