Energetic Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3024

Energetic Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 3024

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Bravo, Monica, for the class. And... Thanks for raising awareness. I never met her, but clearly, she touched you so much.
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Windsor Pilates was also what made me fall in love with Pilates almost 15 years ago... Beautiful words Monica brought tears to my eyes and I haven't even done the class yet ;) I know I'll love it!!!
Monica Wilson
Enjoy ladies! I wish you could have experienced Mari in person. She breathed life into every one taught. Enjoy her classes on this site as well! Monica:)
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I didn't know about Mari before trying this class and watched a couple of her videos on PilatesAnytime. She's inspirational. You gave me a good feel for who she is. Nice class, Monica.
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XOXO, thank you Monica! I love this class!
Mari inspired me to try out Pilates! Years ago I've started with DVD´s from Mari! I´m from Germany and a friends father got the same diagnosis than Mari this january……I told my friend about Mari and gave her the pilatesstyle Magazine with Maris story.
Best wishes to Mari. Ira
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This class is Mari - vellous Monica !
I too was introduced to Pilates by Mari ....What a woman ! .....as is also apparent by your lovely friendship with her and this video ...which captures her essence perfectly ...Love to Mari ....and thank you to you :)
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I too started my pilates journey with Windsor pilates many years ago , Monica your class was amazing , thank you!
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thank you Monica Wilson Mari brought me to "the dance" too.
Amazing woman, holding her close to my heart.
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That was great Monica! I remember doing the Mari Windsor Pilates videos back in the 90s. She may have been my very first teacher actually. God bless her !
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A class fully Mari style! Thank you! Very challenging and fun (just as Mari would want).
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