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Kristi Cooper
Introduction 3040

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Great advice- all of us teachers need to put our own sessions in our diaries so that we show up- its easy to get distracted and then our practise suffers. Thanks Kristi. Ready to go!!
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"...and I'll be nicer to you." Love it! Looking forward to this. Thanks Kristi.
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Great advice. Though, in some cases, the band or magic circle are not there (nor in the plan to buy). How can I replace these? Ball too.. Is there a modification of the exercise which allows you to go on through the program with only one mat or some weights?
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...hold it. What is the image on your pants? JP?!
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This is a great idea. I´m in...
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Kristi , love the Joe pants!!! Great tutorial, i need badly to make the time for my own practice so thank you for doing this. We fellow instructors get so busy sometimes we forget to make a dedicated time for our own selves.

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This has come along at the perfect time - thank you!
Also, LOVE the Joe pants!
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lets do it!!!!!
Sandra G., The band and the ring serve more as "assists" in this challenge than necessities. Sometimes just using a light weight pillow as a Magic Circle can help define the focus. As for the band you can sometimes supplement with a towel for assistant purposes, but you lose the elasticity for any kind of muscle activation that may be helpful. A band can be great in many cases when working out from home. I will send you a band if you aren't planning to buy or find one. Just send me a private message with your address and I will be happy to take care of that for you.
Jamie Kirk and Maggie, the image on my pants is indeed Joseph Pilates. I bought them from our friend Chuck Rapoport who actually took the photos of Joe in 1961 for Sports Illustrated. You can purchase these and many other great designs on his website I.C. Rapoport. To make it even more fun, be sure to check out my interview with Chuck (one of my favorites) here on Pilates Anytime. Chuck is an accomplished photojournalist (think Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe, JFK AND Joseph Pilates) as well as an Emmy award winning writer for Law and Order. You can find my discussion with Chuck here.
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