Strong Mat Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 3047

Strong Mat Flow
Maria Leone
Class 3047

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Wow ! What beautiful symmetry and form ....beautiful to watch ,can't wait to try !
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Thank you very kindly for your reply to my questions.
I was intrigued to note that you feel "The more I study yoga the more I am aware of the overlap between the two disciplines. Much of what we consider "traditional or classical" exercises were inspired by yoga"
Of course many Classicists would be horrified by the suggestion, but, there is no denying the similarities.
I suppose we shall never really know!
I hope you will bring more Mat sessions to Pilatesanytime very soon.
Best Wishes to you Maria Leone.

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Maria - amazing thank you oh and where did you get those funky leggings ? I LOVE THEM! Thanks Nat x
Hi, its Eva. Hardly ever do I watch such workouts on PA; I mean,no hard feelings, but very few PA instructors follow the path of Kathi Ross-Nash, Alycea Ungaro,or - last but not least, Alisa Wyatt and Jennifer Kries:(BRAVO,and looking forward to more of such workouts:)
Glad lots of you are liking the leggings...I thought they were a bit risky and maybe a bit young for me. They are by ALO and they give a nice discount to professionals.
Thank you Maria! This was a great workout! Hope I see more Mat classes with you…..
love your style, but must ask, is it really possible to move the leg without moving the pelvis?
Hi Henrik- Good question...since we are not robots there will always be a slight amount of residual movement in the pelvis. It is hardest to be still on exercises like leg circles because the thigh bone is moving with force and thru a big range of movement... but it is possible to be virtually still...Enjoy! Maria
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That was a serious butt kicker, I'm sweaty and feel great, thanks!! I will be using these ideas with my students and all credit to you!
Great class. Loved the variations!!
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