Mat for Back Pain<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3061

Mat for Back Pain
Monica Wilson
Class 3061

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Thank you Monica for responding to our inquiries . I had no idea your Aunt was Romana!! How lucky you were to be related and exposed to such a brilliant mind as hers... this year I am in a new studio and I am exposed to more rehab type clients than ever before so I agree I need to teach per client and build my intuition. I am constantly looking and listening to them and trying to build safe programs for each person. its been an eye opening experience. I never ever want my clients to feel they are invalids or unable to do anything. I try to see what they can do and not focus on what they can't. Its been quite the challenge.. the folks coming in with medical records and ruptured discs always give me pause so thank you so much for your insight.
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Wonderful class Monica- thank you - I always learn so much for watching you teach- it was so great to see you work with Tara and observe the cueing and corrections - you are amazing and I really benefited from the other comments and your replies as I think I have been guilty of treating some clients perhaps too cautiously. Thanks so much!
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What a fantastic class, so many good tips especially reminding us instructors to keep asking questions to find the best movement for our clients!
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This class contains some valuable information that will help me moving forward with my back pain in my practice. What was frustrating, though, is that there was so much talking with the client. It would help to have a fast-forward button. I think the first seven minutes of the class were spent chatting.
Stacey ~ We're glad you enjoyed this class! At the bottom of the description, there is a note that tells where the movement portion of the class starts because there is a short conversation about Tara's injury. We thought it would be helpful for people who wanted to skip ahead in the video.
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments! I love how much it got everyone thinking and it sounds like your clients are lucky to have you!
Discs do not slip.
I like your way of teaching Monica....Thank you
I have a spinal fusion, L3-L4 and a partial knee replacement on my left knee. I need to get my left sud strong again and this really helps. Love the cueing, it really helped me to focus where I need it most. Trank you! Ida
Oops that should be L5-L3. Ida
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