Mat for Back Pain<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3061

Mat for Back Pain
Monica Wilson
Class 3061

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Just the workout needed thank you
Monica Wilson
Awesome! Glad you found it Kathleen!❤️
Eveline D
Im very sorry to say but this was a very 'bad' class!
Way to drastic build up of exercises, the circle added puts way too much pressure in wrong area's when you ar not even ready for that. I pushed through to go until the end of the class, but already was feeling skeptical along the way... Next day I felt tight, Neck pain and stiff hip flexors, Pain in my hip joint. Haven't had these pains since literally years anymore!... 
I exercise and have my daily routines and try many workouts on Pilates anytime. This is unfortunately an absolute no no!
Eveline D ~ I'm sorry to hear that this class didn't work for you. We'd be happy to help find classes that are better suited for you. Please email us at if you would like any recommendations.
Monica Wilson
Hi Eveline, I too am sorry this class was not a good fit for you and worse, that you felt any pain or discomfort afterwards. I definitely took a risk filming this class as it is very specific for my client and her weaknesses. It seems to have been a game changer for many people but it does not work for everyone. It sounds like you have taken some great PilatesAnytime classes already but I also would be happy to help steer you towards something that meets your needs. Thank you for your honest feedback, Monica
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