New York Style Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3078

New York Style Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 3078

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Sutthinee S
thank you. short, fast and efficacy. good for the moment i have to rush out to teach. feeling energize afterward.
Becky C
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I love these 20 minute workouts! And I love the classical classes! Thank you!
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Dynamic, good balance between supine and prone exercises. Left out feeling renergised and reminded I need to give my hips some more attention, as hip flexors were quiet fatigued straight after the session....
yay! I love a new Monica class.
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Just what my body needed!

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So efficient. Loved that it was Seamlesss from one exercise to the next.
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Fantastic! Short and effective!
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Loved the change of pace
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Yes! One of my new favorites workouts! Love this pace! Coming from classic training this is just a great pick-me-up-class for those days when I as an instructor need a fast routine for myself! Just excellent as always!
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Loved this workout! Fast and efficient.
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