Modifications for Wrist Issues<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 3092

Modifications for Wrist Issues
Amy Havens
Tutorial 3092

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Love this series! I had not seen the mat used like that before. Keep these little tips coming. They are tremendous to help even those who are not beginners. Thank you.
Thanks again!
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Thank you for your modifications much appreciated
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Thanks Amy for showing these modifications in a quick tutorial. I think more students will watch them when they are short. I wish the instructors would take a second to mention the modifications for the wrists. For the arm support type exercises on foot bar: Depending on which reformer foot bar you have, you can have them hold the ends of the foot bar which puts your shoulders in slight external rotation and wrist midway between pronation & supination & eliminates the flexion on the wrist. This works on some of reformers.
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Thank you Christiane and Sarah . Sarah , I agree!!
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I have tendinitis on my wrists and shoulders. For exercise with overloading, I usually use clenched fists, or finger alignment, but for trial and error ...but the shoulder pain is almost deadly!
Liya O
Hi Amy Havens , thank you for your advices, very helpful !
I have a question, do we have some modifications for the foot/sole pain during the balance exercises with one leg on the floor and another leg is up?
Eirini K
What should we do when trying to do the bridge exercise where our hands are behind our back?
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