Primal Pilates Flow
Louise Johns
Class 3098

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I liked this class very much, I really enjoyed the movement and the dynamism. Thank you Loise
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I love your work. Your classes are so creative. Thank you.
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I've only previewed the first 6 minutes and it looks and sounds decidedly " moderate" rather than " deliberate". I'll be back on a day I'm feeling more inclined for a faster pace!
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Great class!
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Love the flow Louise, our bodies need this intelligent sequencing and functional movement. I miss you and so happy to take your classes online🙏
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Louise, really love three classes. Though my first love has been Pilates, our bodies need other functional movement and less stabilizing. I am definitely going to work with this for a bit and see if I can improve my primal movement.
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So many new ideas thank You 💚
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I loved this class. It's kind of like a reward for all the very controlled awareness of regular Pilates, to get to use that with more dynamic open movement.
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Very interesting and fun class, love your dynamic energy and teaching style. Look forward to learning more primal movement. Thank you
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oooh, I think I caught something in there near the end about a standing sequence? Looking forward to that one!
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