Primal Pilates Flow
Louise Johns
Class 3098

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I had so much fun, thank you!!
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I enjoyed that a lot. Feels very natural to break away from all the control we are used to!
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Loved this class, great fun, and freeing! Felt wonderful afterwards too!
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Louise I really enjoyed this. Where can I find more info. I am a rehabilitation therapist in British Columbia Canada and this would fit tos well with my Pilates and yoga classes as well as my rehab. I would love to discuss. My email is Thank you so much
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I love this - more please!
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Loved it! This class is challenging and fun at the same time. It is a fresh take on classical Pilates movements. I currently teach a class for kids and I plan to incorporate some of the "animal" movements into our class. I think they will really enjoy it!
Well done Louise! Looking forward to more in the future!
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Love primal movement and love this class!
lovely movement in this class thank you!
Louise, I loved your class. I think it's the perfect combination of traditional pilates with movement. I feel great after the class. Thank yo again.
Moving from a 'primal' source has allowed me to move, even while injured. Thank you Louise.
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