Movement Mantra<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Tutorial 3109

Movement Mantra
Jenna Zaffino
Tutorial 3109

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Thank you! A great way to begin a full day of teaching :)
Loved this short and effective movements!
I love finding new ways to incorporate meaningful movement in the morning to wake up my body and begin my day. This is just - perfect! Thank you.
Thank you Jenna for sharing this great warm up
Move U
My all time favorite warmup! Thank you Jenna!!!
Jenna Zaffino
You are all absolutely fabulous! Thank you for watching and appreciating! I misused my warm up this morning and am going to go do it right now!! :) xoxo
Move U
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Still revisiting this one regularly. Although perfect for my body while recovering from an injury last year, I still love this warm up!
Move U
Awww, such a nice way to start the day! Thank you Jenna :)
Thank you- I loved that - it feels great!
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