Mat for Spine Health
Trent McEntire
Class 3120

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just what was needed this morning, thank you
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So great to have a class with you again! Love that version of x integration!
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releases the low back by coming at it from opposite ends. YUM thankyou
Thanks everyone! So glad you find it helpful!
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Great cueing and lovely coupling of movement and breath. My body feels softened. This would be a fabulous pre-meditation movement series. Thank you, Trent!
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When are you doing some more videos? Loved it.....both for personal usage and ideas for clients!
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Love this video Trent! It was a great way to start my day. Spine feels amazing. Clear and concise queuing as well. So glad you are on Pilates Anytime. Looking forward to more of your work. Please do an Arcus video as well.
Sam - another new video in this series will be out soon! Glad you found them helpful!
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I'm a couple of days late to this party. The good news is that I won't have to wait that long for the 3rd class in this series! Eagerly anticipating it after these 2 spectacular feel good classes.
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Thank you so much for this!! I had a major back sprain 12 years ago and have not been able to fully recover my core. This video really addresses my weak areas in a unique and amazing way.. Great for balancing spinal stabilitIy/mobility and general spinal rehab. I would really look forward to seeing more videos from you soon!
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