Balance Control Front Deconstructed<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Tutorial 3136

Balance Control Front Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3136

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"It's a push up! What's the big deal??" lol Love it! I know my clients are *thinking this all the time. But yes, it's a big deal. If they are not generating the correct movement patterns, they may continue to generate those patterns that may not be as optimal:)
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Rael, you never cease to amaze me in both your teaching and demonstrations. Such incredible range of motion on this exercise! Most importantly, it was done with the intention, control and calmness that you bring to everything you do. Always inspiring. Thank you, Rael. Thanks to Cara too!
So very happy to be BASI educated!!!Calmness, stability, flow, inner self-control, and most of all never forget the fact that this wonderful practice called pilates has levels which should be respected!!
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Respect for the exercise and your craft! Being present in Pilates as well as life. A beautiful thing..Thank you Rael for setting and being the example!!
Thank you for your very beautiful words Jill . They mean a lot to me as does your continued and unwavering support. I find this exercise one of the most used and abused high level exercises. People view it as a "simple push up". (A push up, done well, is not simple). I appreciate the comments from you all. Quality and respect will prevail.
Vasiliki thank you for being part of the BASI family and for recognizing our uniqueness.
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Love all of these short but so informative breakdown's to these advanced exercises! Very helpful and thanks for your passion and inspiration to keep it authentic!
Love you Rael Isacowitz you enjoy your pilates and make it fun to watch and learn
when you explain how to move or keep stable the scapula or any other part of the body it becomes much easer doing it in real... thank you Rael...
Thank you so much Rael for that informative tutorial. Would you mind explaining the reason that the foot is plantar flexed on the footbar? Thank you so much for all you do and I look forward to your reply.
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