Full-Body Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3142

Full-Body Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3142

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Great workout! Nancy que bueno verte de vuelta en Pilates Anytime. Bella como siempre!
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Thank you very much. Jumping element in the end was a great surprise:)
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Thank you so much for having me again! Absolutely loved it Amy! Mil gracias Natalia Te imaginas un honor para mi. Un beso!
Nancy qué sorpresa verte de nuevo en clase aquí en PA! Qué dichosa que tenés esa gran oportunidad! Amy es excelente, me encantan sus clases y su gran carisma! Espero algún día poder tener esa divina experiencia de ir a PA y poder hacer una clase con alguna de esas grandes maestras!! Besos desde Costa Rica!
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I love the class Amy, I am Brazilian and was really nice to see one Brazilian help you during the class. The language difference brings to the class more challenging, like real classes outside. But like you said body language is universal. I loved it. Thank you 😊
Mirella Martire
Thank you Amy, It was a joy to see Nancy have success on her Tendon Stretch and to see you teach her so well.
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Loved it. Thank you Amy havens ✔️
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I really liked the ab series of following the hundred with arms long and arms lifting and lowering, then followed by hundred position reach between the legs back to hundred and down- packs a punch!
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Si! Ana Carla Mil gracias. Un gran abrazo y besos para vos. Thank you Christine ! It was a fabulous class and Amy Havens was her usual amazing self and instructed us beautifully. I feel very lucky to have taken part. 🙏
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