Magic Circle Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3144

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I love the ring! And to imagine the ring is your core is such a good tool. As you exhale drawing your ribs to your spine, the ring narrows..awesome! Thank you!
Nikoleta of course I remembered my promise to teach this class for you! Sending you lots of love.

Nancy big hug right back to you!

Viola keep on keeping on!

Thank you ALL for your feedback. It really means a lot to me.
And...requests for advanced mat and additional props are in the queue...
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AAAwwwww, thank you!!! XOXO
Please, more….
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I wish I loved this as much as the comments. The pace was so very slow and just felt disappointed. I enjoy Meredith, but this class is not a repeater for me.
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Always such a joy to take your classes - sending lots of love xx
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Thank you Meredith, fabulous as always x
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Thank You Meredith, Great Class...i love it
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Great class Meredith and great ideas using the ring thank you!
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Great class! Could you do a few 30 min. Classes with rotational discs? Perhaps a mat, reformer and Cadillac version.
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Never disappointing Meri!! Loved it, thx. Just what I needed after holiday
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