Full Studio Back Extensions<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 3170

Full Studio Back Extensions
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3170

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Benjamin, you are a phenomenal instructor! You voice or instruct the workout very well and I learned a lot from your verbal ques. I can tell you are passionate about Pilates and I hands down give you a ten~
Fantastic! Thoracic extention is my weak spot. I am so inspired to purchase a high barrel for myself after seeing this!! I hope one day I can reach the reformer foot bar from the bending back position. Thank you
Wow ! Maybe someday I will be able to do the advanced backbends. Love your classes
Amazing theme - loved this workout. And always love my pal, Kathleen ❤️❤️
Great class Benjamin. Thank you 👍
very good for the full body workout and the instruction I clear well and the model is a good body.
Loved every bit of this workout. The progressions and instructions were perfect!
You are so amazing!!
Benjamin Degenhardt is my favorite instructor on here! Wish I could take in person classes with him! 
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