Swan Dive Progression<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Tutorial 3173

Swan Dive Progression
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3173

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Love these tutorials
Francesca M
Thank you! This was very helpful.
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Wonderfully cued and executed! Thank you!!
Kate V
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A exercise I really struggle with. This was a great help!!
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Love this concise video explained with such wonderful clarity and precision Benjamin and so helpful to see the same exercise executed in 2 different piece of equipment...feels so much clearer now! Thank you!
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Love the progressions on the Ladder Barrel, so rarely taught but so helpful in understanding the power of the legs! Thanks Benjamin!
My god, I just love you Benjamin! Thank you for your clear, calm, concise style.
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This really helped me. Thank you.
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So well explained, thank you Benjamin. Sometimes I get so caught up in the arm choreography I lose the intention of the exercise!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you all so much for the lovely feedback, it makes my day knowing that this was helpful to you!
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