Free Flowing Mat<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 3199

Free Flowing Mat
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 3199

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Still my favourite class! Full of the joy of friendship and movement and just so much fun. Winnie (now 11 and so healthy!) is right here with me smiling and we send you huge hugs and thanks! ❤️
Jennifer that makes me SO happy to hear!
Please give my love to Winnie.
I'll be in Europe in November...any chance you want to come see me??
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I’d love to see you! Xx 😘 
Jennifer Me too, you! xx
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Just revisited this perfect mat class- I can’t stay away! Thank you for your humour and brilliant teaching- the teaser sequence is still the best! Big hugs, 🤗🤗🤗xx 
Jennifer thank you for always sharing your positivity! Here and otherwise.  Lets keep connecting  and sharing love even in these difficult times.
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Absolutely- staying connected and keeping the good feelings around is essential. We are all so lucky to have each other and you! 🥰🥰🥰
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Love this one and came back to it this morning - great stretch and ab work and love the story and the girl time!!
Marissa thank you for always sharing your feedback.  It is so appreciated!
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