History of Pilates with Lolita<br>Lolita San Miguel<br>Discussion 320

History of Pilates with Lolita
Lolita San Miguel
Discussion 320

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It would be awesome if these could be placed on iTunes! I would love to have the option of listening to these while I work out or do my other mundane daily tasks!!
Hi Jennifer. We have a mobile site which can be used from your phone if it has a web browser! To access the mobile site, type this URL into the web browser on your phone:

Thank you Kristi!! That is awesome!! :)
The mobile site is great but I can't play the videos on my iPhone. The videos requires Adobe flash player which is not supported by Apple.. :( Oh well...maybe someday. Thanks for trying! btw.. I love this site! Thanks for making it available. :)
That was fabulous! Thank you Pilates Anytime/Kristi!
This was such a treat! I could listen to history about Pilates for hours. I love the stories I get to hear from people who knew Joe. It makes me wish I could have met him. Thank you Lolita for taking the time to share your experience with Joe and Pilates and for bringing "unity" to the work.
What a special gift to hear Lolita share her wonderful stories and memories of Joe and Clara and learn so much about the method's history. I am very grateful to Pilates Anytime and the opportunity to watch this wonderful interview. My heart is warmed and more than ever I realise the responsibility we all share as Pilates teachers towards our clients and their bodies, to learn and never stop growing ourselves, to practice practice practice, so that we can pass on this life changing work.
I think the work that Lotita has done to honour Joe in Germany (and around the World) is wonderful - sadly I was not at Pilates day this year, but I hope to attend next year - trusting that there will be a gathering - if not, I shall organise one myself - being half German, this is even more important to me!
Thank you Lolita for sharing your wisdoms and anecdotes. Huge appreciations for all your work in sharing Joe's light!
Ali this is really lovely. I'll make sure Lolita sees all of these comments. Thanks everyone!
Ali ~ I wonder if you would mind if I used your post here to promote Lolita's interview. Sometimes the new folks to the sight don't know to look for interviews like hers and we also think it is valuable information. Let me know...(you can respond here )
Kristi, I'd be delighted for you to use my post
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