Spine Stabilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3201

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Thank you all for your feedback. Personally, I found this to be quite challenging!
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Thanks Meredith! I am working on pelvic and spinal stabilization and core strengthening so this was perfect! Thanks again.
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Thank you Meredith; this was such a valuable class! I have some scoliosis and degenerative disc issues, as do many clients my age, and felt stronger and pain free after your class. So many of us need more strength and stability in neutral pelvis and spine. I would love to see specific core strengthening exercises in neutral pelvis/spine on all apparatus. Have you offered that yet?
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Great class Meridith. I did this class tonight and my clients also liked it. We're using Franklin balls with some of the exercises which provided extra feedback to my ladies.
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Love this class!!!
Michele, I have not personally filmed this concept on all the apparatus but it is a great idea! I know that I have taught at least a reformer class that offers ideas around spinal stabilization and avoids flexion. I will keep it in mind for the future.
Katarina what a great idea to incorporate Franklin balls. Thanks for sharing your insight with us.
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excellent video!!thank you!!
Really nice class. It looks easy; but I found many of the moves challenging. Great for students with back issues. Thank you.
Michael Mary I also found this class to be quite challenging.
Thanks for sharing your feedback.
Planning to do one on the reformer soon.
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