Strengthening Foam Roller<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 322

Strengthening Foam Roller
Meredith Rogers
Class 322

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oh my gosh the foam roller hurts so good! thanks Merideth. Awesome!
Merideth, when can you do another roller class?? Maybe a bit longer hitting different muscles? Thanx!!
Jamie, I will try to do another roller class very soon! Keep checking.
loved this class.. I've had my roller for years and this is the first time I've really used it properly for more than just a 5 minute stretch.. a great little wake up class to get the day going..
I have a lot of upper back pain. This class was so helpful to loosen those muscles and relieve some of that tension. Thank you Meredith!
Thank you so much Meredith! That felt amazing! I would love a longer, full body stretch class. ;)
Nice and relaxing... woooo needed that roll over the IT band ouch!! Thanks.
Thanks for taking classes and sharing your feedback. I appreciate hearing from you guys! Merry Christmas.
I was in need of some extra stretching this was perfect. Thank you.
Thank you Lisette-Anne!
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