Return to Life<br>Pilates Anytime<br>Audiobook 3234

Return to Life
Pilates Anytime
Audiobook 3234

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Thank You 💕
You're welcome Ewa. Thank you for listening.
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Great! Thank you.
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Such a great idea. Thank you so much.
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That was INCREDIBLY informative Kristi
I totally enjoyed every chapter ...
I am truly grateful
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wonderful idea
Much better will be if you put English subtitles
Any way Thank you very much
Can we get this as downloads? I can then listen on headphones while walking my dog √√√√
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Bunny ~ If you have an iPhone, you can download each chapter through our app. I hope this helps!
Enrique ~ Thank you for your feedback. We partnered with Presentation Dynamics to produce the audio version of this book. We actually don't have the rights to the written text of the book, so we are not able to add subtitles. I recommend purchasing the book from Presentation Dynamics to follow along with the audio. I hope this helps!
Thanks for telling me about the downloads. Great idea. Any chance it can be the whole book in one download as it won't let me download all the chapters as says it's too many.
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