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Wow! This is great!! Thank You i'm starting to listen :)
Ted Johnson
I found this really interesting. While it's heartening that Pilates has become successful, so many of things he talks about have unfortunately not improved much over the past 80+ years since this was written (for example, obesity and posture issues). Also, was overcome with curiosity about his bed designs talked about in the last chapter. Here's a Pilates Bed someone built, and A Youtube Video of Jospeh himself showing how the bed works.
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I am SO impressed with this Kristi. I will have ALL my teacher friends joining Pilates Anytime
Maggie L
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hahaha the Bed. Made me laugh!
Thanks for this audiobooks!
Is there a way to get it to play continuously without restarting each chapter?
Ted Johnson
Hi Laurie,

The chapters will auto-play in most web browsers, however Safari specifically blocks this functionality by default. Here's how to get it to work in Safari.
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I’m so excited to see audio books added to PA! Thank you Ted for posting a link to Joe demo’ing the bed. That bed looks amazing! Those are all the same positions I like to sleep in!
Can we put a subtitle please? thank's
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Paola ~ We hope to add closed captions to this video soon. In the meantime, you can visit Presentation Dynamics if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book. I hope this helps!
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