Traditional Mat<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 325

Traditional Mat
Adrianne Crawford
Class 325

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Thanks Adrianne. Smooth transitions and quick paced.
It was raining bad, so I decided to do the pilates at home. adrianne what a wonderful class you gave. I enjoyed it so much. love you all. blanche.
Perfect class. Great and clear instruction! You give me such motivation and inspiration for teaching my classes here in Houston!
I loved this class!
Great paced class, excellent workout, thank you!
Great class and pace. Will return to this class again and again. Loved the instruction on control front. Thanks so much!
Marlisa E
Really great pilates workout! Love all of Adrianne's classes. I really liked the side-lying series here. Thanks!
This class is amazing! The best I've taken on this site so far. The pace is excellent, and it's traditional pilates exercises. Loved it, thank you!
In the famous words of the prospector in Toy Story One "My biscuits are burning!", Thanks for another great workout!
Love the leg lift series. Will do this one again and again!
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