Mat for Equestrians<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3276

Mat for Equestrians
Julie Driver
Class 3276

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Delighted to see Julie back with more classes,always good fun but well thought out class
Great! Will use some of these with my equestrian client - looking forward to the next one. Thank you
Thank you Julie Driver! This is fabulous, I'm so excited to finally see Equestrian classes on PA!! ... I'm doing my happy dance!! I just watched your Ball class too!! Please keep bringing them on!
Thanks Julie! It's great to go back to my roots. I don't teach equestrians but I really enjoyed for myself. Loved the baby swan. Keep it up!
As always lovely class Julie Driver Nice to see Georgina as a body x
What an excellent class as a warm up before riding. More Pilates for Riding please.
Thank you. Not an equestrian myself but enjoyed the half hour a lot.
nice - loved the idea of building stamina in torso extension....side body...and supine. Also thanks for the reminder on locking elbows or any other joints....thank you!
That was really nice. I like your calm demeanor. Very thorough, yet relaxing class. Thanks.
amazing class!!!!!
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