Mat for Equestrians<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3276

Mat for Equestrians
Julie Driver
Class 3276

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I hope to see more like these! I just participated in a Pilates for dressage clinic and this is just fabulous for all types of riding. Thank you
Julie Driver
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Thank you Mel W This is my passion and I really want to help both horse and rider develop their connections.
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Beautiful class, loved the deliberate and thoughtful pace, great for realigning non-riders too. Thank you!
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More pilates for equestrian videos please!!! :)
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More pilates for equestrians!
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Loved this Julie. Great for non riders too 💕
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Thank you! Loved the side plank version of threading the needle!
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Lovely thanks Julie Driver. I hope you don't mind, will be stealing for teaching my own classes for riders :)
Julie Driver
Hi Emma Feel free to share! That's the whole point of this amazing website!
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Really enjoyed this, thank you Julie :)
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