Equestrian Balance Challenge<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3277

Equestrian Balance Challenge
Julie Driver
Class 3277

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Thank you so much Julie--fun class!  I've been doing western pleasure riding for the past year almost weekly & this was SUPER helpful. Finding my seat on a horse is humbling to say the least! Side note: Horseback on the reformer has been a bit of a nemesis in the past for me but has quickly become a good friend :)  
Maria P
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Need more of these classes, please !
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Hi Julie Love these classes. Do you think you could do a 21 day training package for riders using the wunda Chair, reformer, spine corrector and mat plus ball? These seem to be the bits of equipment most equestrians have access too. 21 day program would be awesome and would be able to really establish some Specific goals. A specific equestrian channel With even 3 new classes a week would be awesome!
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