Reformer for Equestrians<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3278

Reformer for Equestrians
Julie Driver
Class 3278

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Lots of tips and techniques. Good style indeed. I'll use it in my class.
So exciting! wonderful. Using the imaginary thoroughbred between my legs really helped me in my workout.
Thanks for the lovely direction, very clear and precise. Great for riders, but also any client could do this class.
Christina F
Excellent class!! Thank you so much for doing this series for equestrians. What do you think are the most important muscle groups, movements to work on with riders? Obviously strong core, adductors, back extensors, flexibility in ankles and opening hips etc. anything else for specific that I’m missing?
Thanks again!!
Thank you for sharing Julie! You have a very nice presentation and sense of humor. I would love to learn more about Pilates for equestrians.
I enjoyed your thoughtfulness and uniqueassociation for riders, but a lot of spring changes that were not specified made for a choppy class.
Terrific class- thank you Julie - 💜
Thanks Julie, great little session, am really enjoying this series. Much safer on a reformer/ ball than a horse ! 
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Thank you Julie, such brilliant ideas.  Am currently working with a polo player and this has given me some real gems to think about.  Big love from the UK
Julie Driver
Kirsty  Thank you! Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes, big love back from London! xx

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