Traditional Mat Flow<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 33

Traditional Mat Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 33

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Great class when you're short on time but need an energizing workout!
Yifat I
i love this class!!!! when my baby takes a short nap and i know i don't have much time i take this class and it fills me with energy for the rest of the day!! :)
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Awesome "pure" classical mat class...loved it!
Pure, classical pilates the way Joseph intended. Thank you for the invigorating workout.
Nice fast paced classical matwork! Good class Addrianne!
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like the mini but great workout..wish there were more of these!
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Nice little mat to do after one of your 40min reformer sessions!
This is a challenging, quick little workout that I can always find time for. I wish that there more like these so that I could switch them up.
This was a good workout in a short amount of time, and it was easy to follow even without looking at my computer. My only feedback is on the side series, which wasn't that challenging.
Thank you Hanna for your comments. I am glad you found this easy to follow and enjoyable, and thank you for your input about the side series I will take note.
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